Host Brazil is moving on to the semifinals of the World Cup after beating fellow heavyweight Colombia 2-1 in a game that had its share of suspect calls.

As Matthew Cowley noted there were a total of 51 fouls in this match, which made the whole thing kind of a slog. Many, many fans were crying foul at the officiating, especially as it mostly came to the aid of Brazil, the host country.

One questionable call led to this *pretty spectacular* long-range goal on a free kick by David Luiz, which put Brazil up 2-0 in the match:

Another foul led to a late penalty kick that was knocked home by Colombia's James Rodriguez to cut the lead to 2-1 and make it something of a game. 

Almost more remarkable was the enormous praying mantis that flew onto Rodriguez's arm following his score.

Brazil will face Germany next, which bested France earlier today.