The battle over where people can – and should – wear Google Glass is heating up, so The Daily Show sent Jason Jones to investigate what it's like to be discriminated against for being an "Explorer."

"Even in this day and age you can still be treated differently just because of how you look ... wearing a $1,500 face computer," Jones said. He explained: "They all had stories of name-calling, denial of service at restaurants and bars, even assault, all because people thought they were being surreptitiously filmed ... which sometimes they were."  One panelist described it as "a hate crime."

"What, those nerds can video tape me?" Jones asked.

"Yea," one of his panelists replied. "It's basically a cell phone on your face."

So why bother with Glass, why run the risk of being a 'Glasshole'? "Let's put aside that these glasses are just fucking stupid," Jones said. Why is Glass necessary?

"The best uses of Glass today are apps where it acts as an interface between you and the real world," another panelist said.

"Do you guys hear yourself when you talk? 'An interface between you and the real world'? Those are called eyes," Jones quipped. "What am I not seeing here, that you guys are clearly seeing while you're not looking at me?"

"Accessibility," a panelist said. "Having instant access to everything on your cell phone, basically."

"But you already have access to everything on your cell phone, via your cell phone," Jones replied.

As for that "Explorer" moniker: "Magellan was an explorer, Chuck Yeager was an explorer. You guys have a fucking camera on your face," Jones said.

"And that's something they have to live with every day of their lives. Unless, of course, they just take them the fuck off."