The trailer for one of Sundance's success stories, Gillian Robespierre's Obvious Child, has hit, and it's both charming and wonderfully frank. Yes, the word "abortion" is said out loud. More than once. The trailer—scored, obviously, to Paul Simon's "Obvious Child"—introduces us to Jenny Slate's Donna, a flailing stand-up comedian who becomes pregnant after a one night stand with a cute guy named Max  played by Jake Lacy. She decides to get an abortion.

There are some quirky rom-com-like elements at play here. Max and Donna bond after he farts in her face while peeing. (Trust us, it seems endearing here.) Also, Max warms a pad of butter for her with his hands. Still, Obvious Child seems like a bold take on the genre, and an exciting non-superhero entry to the summer movie lineup.