The trailer dropped one week ago, and now Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive clip of the very first scene from the second season of Orange Is the New Black. It's time to break out of solitary. 

We see Piper woken up in solitary confinement, where she likely finds herself after (spoiler) beating the crap out of another inmate in season one's finale. She shows off some nice egg (definitely not vomit) wall-art to one of the typically gruff guards at Litchfield. We don't get much else in 50 seconds, other than the implication that Piper's time in solitary is coming to an end. 

What will happen when she rejoins the other inmates? According to EW, "the show’s second season will feature a darker, more fractured approach to the ladies of Litchfield," and OITNB Creator Jenji Kohan tells the magazine that "we needed a little more drama." That makes sense, considering the show submitted itself to the Emmys as a comedy for season one. 

The second season of Orange Is the New Black hits Netflix on June 6. We're almost done serving our long sentence without.