Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda may have gotten away with pitching one game to the Red Sox with a hand covered in what looked a whole lot like pine tar, but the Sox weren't going to let it slide a second time.

Pineda, perhaps bolstered by the fact that the Red Sox didn't complain the last time he seemingly used an illegal substance in a game (pine tar gives pitchers a better grip on the ball but it's illegal to put any foreign substance except dirt on a ball), apparently decided to just go for it in tonight's game and wear pine tar on his neck:

As you can see, it didn't go over well. Last time, Pineda denied using pine tar, saying it was just dirt and sweat. The Red Sox didn't seem to mind, with player David Ortiz saying "everybody uses pine tar in the league, it's not a big deal." Team manager John Farrell only criticized Pineda for being so "blatant" with his use of the stuff.

Pineda should've paid attention. Farrell stopped the game in the second inning to talk to the ump, who then checked Pineda's neck and promptly ejected him. Pineda now faces a 10-game suspension. The Sox are currently up 4-0.