The long-awaited Seinfeld reunion finally aired, and though Jerry Seinfeld himself told us it wouldn't be an ad or an episode of his web series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, it ended up being both.

It was an ad for his web series.

Airing during the Super Bowl halftime, we've got Jerry and George at the diner, just like we saw in those photos. George is whining about how he wasn't invited to any Super Bowl parties this year, and Jerry tells him it's because two years ago, George "overcheered" and also used the master bathroom, presumably for pooping.

And then Newman shows up to pick up some Super Bowl eats and cheers for the Seahawks.

Oh, and George and Jerry then drive around in his AMC Pacer for Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, home of what has to be the most expensive advertising campaign for a web series in history.