The 2014 Coachella lineup fluttered onto the Internet last Wednesday night. Dozens of "cute" or "amusing" fake Coachella lineups have flooded social media each day since then.

If, as Adrian Chen mused in November, "writing about internet culture is basically inseparable from ruining internet culture," let us go ahead and do the honors: no more "zany" Coachella flyer. This is the death knell.

Oh, it was funny at first. Who wouldn't grin at the thought of a festival terrifyingly populated with speedily multiplying Darius Rucker clones?

Andokay, fine. That joke works with Lil B, too. Ha! Ha!

Then there was the washed up emo lineup and the tween-friendly lineup. We also chuckled mightily at the thought of this Weird Twitter bonanza:

And, hey, Seinfeld! What will those pesky kids think of next??

Anyway. It's gone too far.

The snake is eating its own tail.

Please. Have mercy.

Restrain yourselves.

The meme is in a better place now. It had a good run. You absolutely should not generate your own at this link.