Beliebers around the country having a rough morning. Their object of devotion and worship was arrested in Miami on Thursday morning for DUI and drag racing. And they now have a Sophie's choice: abandon their midterms and be true fans of Justin Bieber or betray their teen dream, go about their day, and live knowing that there are better fans out there. While the answer — go do your midterms, don't fail, Justin Bieber is not worth going to remedial algebra for — may be clear to those who haven't opened up their hearts to Bieber, for Beliebers the decision not as easy:

For Beliebers, their love for Justin is an all-consuming bleeding love. And they believe it is their duty to be there for Bieber in spirit, especially at times like this. Focusing on tertiary things like midterms (or not voicing out how Bieber's DUI arrest will negatively affect you) shows that you might not be a true fan.  How can you truly love Justin when you're invested in things like schoolwork?  

Some fans are acknowledging that Bieber might have been in the wrong ... like this one who lost a cousin to a drunk driving accident:

But others are trying to find other people to blame. The primary target is Justin's father, Jeremy Bieber. Some Beliebers see Jeremy, who often sports some permutation of soul patch, as not having sound judgments (not just about soul patches). This Belieber is questioning his parenting skills: 

There's another villain too. Not unlike the rhetoric we see from right-wing conservatives, Beliebers are clinging to the idea that the media is on a mission to destroy Justin. 

They are probably giving the media too much credit. Yes, the media tends to gobble up Justin Bieber misbehavior stories like M&Ms (swaggy, Molly-flavored M&Ms), and the cycle of pop stars being built up and then knocked down is very familiar. But as enjoyable as it would be to imagine it, it's not like Roger Ailes, Jeff Zucker, and Jill Abramson are in a conference room taking in Tina Brown's power point presentation on the subject of talking Justin Bieber into egging houses or racing cars. Or, we weren't invited.  Yet that hasn't stopped the Bieber truthers:

And ... Welp. You caught us Beliebers. The media are just huge Zayn Malik fans. Now go study for your midterms — we won't tell.