YouTube is trying to make MTV even more irrelevant. In what seems like counter programming to the network's still-controversial Video Music Awards, YouTube is set to host its own music awards in early November, Philiana Ng of The Hollywood Reporter reported. The show, which will be streamed from Pier 36 in New York, has lined up performances from big-name talent like Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire. 

But the event also has indie cred. Auteur Spike Jonze, whose film Her is currently the subject of Oscar buzz, is the event's creative director, while Jason Schwartzman will host. The concept of the evening, according to Jonze, is live YouTube video. "As well as giving out awards, we'll be making live music videos," Jonze said. "The whole night should feel like a YouTube video itself. We're getting together a group of amazing artists and filmmakers to do this live -- tune in to see what happens live." Not sure exactly how this is different from any other awards show, but, hey, it's the Internet. 

Again, this feels like a direct challenge MTV. The VMAs make little sense on the network at this point, as it essentially abandoned music videos about five years ago. (When TRL ended.) The medium has thrived on YouTube though, making the site a more appropriate venue to honor the best of the year. 

Nominations will be announced October 17, and YouTube users will determine the winners.