Hot on the heels of announcing the creation of the Duffin, a cross between a donut and a muffin, Starbucks has now filed a trademark for the word "Fizzio" —  a sign that the evil empire may make a foray into fizzy drinks. "The Seattle-based coffee giant in its filing noted that the name could apply to a variety of drinks as well as beverage-making machines, raising the possibility it could become a direct competitor to Sodastream, which produces machines for carbonating water at home," Ad Age reported

Fifteen years from now, we may remember this day as the beginning of the end of Sodastream's DIY carbonated drink dynasty. But the filing also brings up some fundamental questions about Starbucks and the people who choose to drink there. Does this mean that the Clover brewing system has failed or that people were curious enough to purchase a Verismo? Are there people who actually want soda from Starbucks? 

The answer to those questions is "maybe" and possibly involves a Duffin. Regardless, as a business strategy, Starbucks wants to keep you in the store spending money. The Fizzio trademark is a move "to cover their bases," Howard Penney, an analyst, told Ad Age — you know, in case people miraculously dump their caffeine addictions or something.