It was inevitable, right? With Miley hosting and performing on Saturday Night Live this week, and Sinead O'Connor's storied history with the show, the beef between the two singers will be addressed at some point during the episode. 

The New York Post reports Miley's very strange feud with O'Connor has her "creative juices flowing," ahead of tonight's episode. So she's coming up with really interesting and original ideas to blow us all away, right? Maybe not. The feud will be used as material for a sketch, or during her monologue, because that's too obvious. But the show is still figuring out who will play O'Connor:

We’re told the cast members have been jockeying to play O’Connor, who famously tore up a picture of Pope John Paul II on “SNL” in 1992. (We think Bobby Moynihan is perfect.) But another TV source said, “The biggest coup would be to get Sinead herself.”

The two singers started firing shots at each other earlier this week. Cyrus told Rolling Stone that O'Connor was an influence on her, so the Irish singer responded with an open letter urging her not to let the music industry exploit her. Cyrus responded on Twitter and it was all so, so strange.

But the odds of O'Connor showing up are slim to none. During an infamous performance of Bob Marley's "War" during a 1992 hosting gig, O'Connor tore a picture of Pope John Paul II in half as protest against child abuse in the Catholic Church. NBC was furious and O'Connor was banned from the show by Lorne Michaels

So that's what you have to look forward to tonight. There's going to be a sketch with Cyrus and O'Connor doing who knows what together at some point and odds are it will air early so no one falls asleep and misses it.