The rich-but-folksy Senator Ted Cruz will join the similarly rich-but-folksy 'Tonight Show' host Jay Leno on Friday, November 8 for a chat about, among other things, the government shutdown. This will be Cruz's first late-night talk show appearance, according to an emailed statement from NBC. The pair will also discuss "the debt ceiling, the gridlock in Washington and the current state of the Republican Party." 

Cruz (who, mind you, is not yet officially running for President) is no doubt trying to soften his image after the politically unpopular government shutdown. While that move gained the senator quite a lot of support from the outer right fringe of the Republican party, it didn't do wonders for his numbers across the rest of the American population. Enter Jay Leno, whom the Cruz cohort is no doubt hoping will pick up where People Magazine's profile of the senator left off: with a soft-focus look at Cruz's conservative message through the lens of his young family and his everyman persona. 

This is something Cruz is pretty good at courting, actually. While speaking for 21 hours on the Senate floor about the reasons America needed to delay Obamacare at any cost — still a radical, misleading message even in the midst of the disaster — Cruz took a break from the rhetoric to read a Dr. Seuss bedtime story to his kids. 

In August, Leno conducted a pretty "newsy" interview with president Obama in a segment presumably designed to give an early push to Obamacare enrollments in the fall. The pair also discussed Edward Snowden, the Olympics gay rights controversy, and Trayvon Martin.