Earlier this month People magazine ran a cover story about why '90s crush Meg Ryan "really left Hollywood behind." They may want to retract that: Ryan is working with NBC to executive produce and star in a new comedy. 

Jon Weisman at Variety reports that the show would find Ryan playing a single mom who goes back to work at the New York publishing house where her former intern is now her boss. Huh. Meg Ryan in the world of New York publishing: where have we seen that before? It sounds almost, well, Ephronian. The screenplay will come from rom com vet Marc Lawrence, who wrote the charming Sandra Bullock vehicles Miss Congeniality and Two Weeks Notice

In the past year, Ryan—who has become something of a Hollywood cautionary tale about what happens when an actress messes with her face—has made two guest appearances on Lisa Kudrow's show Web Therapy. Aside from those stints, she hasn't worked as an actress since 2009, when she played herself on an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm and starred in the movie Serious MoonlightPeople reported that now she "is rarely in front of the camera and does her best not to be recognized," but it would seem that the siren call of the screen has lured her back in.

Of course this show may never make it to your TVs, but it sure would be interesting to watch if it does.