Breaking Bad is will be remade in Colombia with some similar sounding names. The Hollywood Reporter's Scott Roxborough reports that Sony Pictures Television is teaming with Colombian producer Teleset to make Metastasis, a drama about Walter Blanco, a chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth. He has a partner named Jose, a narcotics agent brother in law named Henry, and a wife named Cielo, you know, like "sky." Just in case you didn't know these character's American parallels are Walter White, Jesse, Hank, and Skyler. It's not all the same though. Instead of cooking in a RV, Walter and Jose will use a "old, barely drivable school bus," according to Sony Pictures Television's Angela Guerra. Motor homes aren't popular in Colombia. 

Aside from the lack of an RV, Metastasis appears to be a carbon copy of Breaking Bad—see the picture of Walter Blanco to the right as played by telenovela vet Diego Trujillo—Roxborough reports that it "promises to be more mainstream," than its American counterpart, which had a big jump in ratings only at the end of its run. The show will be distributed to "all major Spanish-speaking markets across Latin America as well as to Univision's UniMas network in the U.S." The Breaking Bad storyline will be familiar territory for Spanish-speaking television audience after popular crime shows like El Cartel and La Saga. But here's a question: Will Jose punctuate all of his sentences with the word "puta"?