Welcome to the Box Office Report, where being on the ground is perfectly fine with us. The rest of you can enjoy space when everyone moves to the moon because we've ruined the earth beyond repair. Somehow space doesn't seem appealing right now.

1. Gravity (Warner): $55 million in 3,571 theaters

Everyone took The Atlantic Wire's Richard Lawson's advice and saw Gravity this weekend. The Sandra Bullock-led film posted the biggest October debut ever, besting 2011's Paranormal Activity 3 ($52.6 million). Besides Gravity earning nearly universal critical praise, the massive first weekend take can also be attributed to inflated 3D ticket prices: roughly 80 percent of people saw Gravity in 3D. 

2. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Sony): $21 million in 4,001 theaters [Week 2]

The only other big earner was Cloudy, thanks to the film's big debut weekend and a lack in alternatives for kids at the movies right now. If meatballs is the only thing on the menu then it's the only things kids will eat. 

3. Runner Runner (Fox): $7.6 million in 3,026 theaters

The world was not impressed with another Justin Timberlake appearance on the big screen. Even pairing him with Batman couldn't convince people to see his latest movie. That means the N*sync revival at the VMAs was probably his best reviewed work this year. 

4. Prisoners (Warner): $5.7 million in 3,236 theaters [Week 3]

Jake Gyllenhaal's got a thing for cops, apparently. His performances in last year's End of Watch and Prisoners earned him some of his best praise in years. Perhaps, if he doesn't get any award buzz this year, picking up another roll as a cop will finally put him over the top. The third time's the charm, right?

5. Rush (Universal): $4.4 million in 2,308 theaters [Week 2]

It seems F1 racing can never carry a movie in American theaters. By all accounts Rush is the best racing movie, no matter the vehicle, since Days of Thunder and yet no one wants to watch it.