Welcome to the Box Office Report, where 'Julian Assange goes to space' is a script we're trying to sell right now. If you know any Hollywood suits, send them this way. 

1. Gravity (Warner): $31 million in 3,820 theaters [Week 3]

It's onward and upward into the stratosphere as Gravity marches closer to the domestic $200 million mark. The movie broke the $200,000,000-zone layer worldwide already, and may actually break the $300 million threshold this week. At this point, not even an asteroid could knock Gravity out of the sky. 

(There, that made up for two weeks of avoiding terrible space jokes and puns.) 

2. Captain Phillips (Sony): $17.3 million in 3,020 theaters [Week 2]

This fall's box office success has been strange because the most bankable movies are all potential award contenders. Gravity and Captain Phillips are both expected to pick up multiple nominations and they've dominated the box office so far. As we'll see below, lighter fare is being left behind. 

3. Carrie (Screen Gem): $17 million in 3,157 theaters

Like this, the unnecessary Carrie remake. Halloween's less than two weeks away. (Do you have a costume yet? We don't. Please help.) Horror movies should be raking in money like its raking a lawn with three maples trees. And yet here we are, all the way back in third. Do teenagers not get allowance anymore? 

4. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Sony): $10.1 million in 3,602 theaters [Week 4]

5. Escape Plan (Lionsgate): $9.8 million in 2,883 theaters


8. The Fifth Estate (Beuna Vista): $1.7 million in 1,769 theaters

And the worst opening for any movie released this year playing in more than 1,500 theaters goes to... Not even cracking $2 million this weekend means it "played nearly empty," according to Nikkie Finke, and it didn't do much better globally, either. "We’re certainly disappointed by the results," Disney distribution head Dave Hollis told Variety, "and we’re still trying to figure out the 'whys'."