Welcome to the Box Office Report, where space looks like so much fun, you guys. Look at that picture and tell me space isn't an absolute gas

1. Gravity (Warner): $44.2 million in 3,660 theaters [Week 2]

Carried by its second huge weekend in a row, Gravity finally became a $100 million movie this weekend, settling around a $123 domestic cume by Sunday. Which is great! Because the movie is fantastic and as many people should see it as possible. By all accounts, the movie is popular jut about everywhere. Gravity's total take approaches the $200 million mark when global grosses are added into the mix. These numbers are all heavily supported by 3D ticket sales, which contributed 82 percent of this week's ticket sales. (A slight rise from last week's 80 percent contribution.) But it's all proof Gravity is a financial and cultural force to be reckoned with. 

2. Captain Phillips (Sony): $26 million in 3,020 theaters 

Tom Hanks' Oscar-bait movie about dealing with Somali-pirates also had a wildly successful weekend. Debuting during the same weekend Argo ($19 million) did last year, Phillips was able to out earn the eventual Best Picture winner by $7 million. Does that mean anything, or provide some insight into Phillips' award season chances? Not really, but it's still interesting to note. 

3. Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Sony): $14.2 million in 3,026 theaters [Week 3]

Bill Hader's kids comedy will also pass the $100 million mark this week, and may potentially earn more than the original movie. That kid's gonna be alright after SNL

4. Machete Kills (Open Road): $3.8 million in 2,538 theaters

The first Machete was a great bit of hot-afternoon summer fun, but why this was released in the middle of October is just beyond me. That every trailer seemed to give away the film's best moments didn't help anything. Robert Rodriguez is a capable filmmaker when he wants to be, but this B-movie trend has distracted him from making anything worthwhile. Maybe it's time we all sigh and move on. 

5. Runner Runner (Fox): $3.7 million in 3,026 theaters [Week 2]

Here's an idea that might revive Justin Timberlake's film career: cast him as the new Christian Gray. See how that goes over at the multiplex.