This was bound to happen: If you want to see the new Banksy street art in East New York (part of the secretive graffiti artist's "pointless" New York show), it will cost you. Reportedly some enterprising New Yorkers are charging $5 for visitors to take a photo of the art, which is just a painting of a beaver chewing on a fallen "no parking" sign. It's located at Bradford St. and Pitkin Ave. 

Cord Jefferson at Gawker applauds the entrepreneurs:

These men, heroes that they are, have elevated the original work, turning it into a performance piece about the commodification and hipster-fication of people's homes. If you're going to treat a neighborhood like an art museum, why shouldn't the residents of that neighborhood charge admission like an art museum, particularly when many New Yorkers would never come to that patch of the city but to take a picture of a stencil painting of a beaver?

Which begs the question: what if this is all Banksy's doing? Maybe he paid the guys to create this "performance piece." Our own in-house statistician Philip Bump estimates the odds of this are about 40 percent. Hey, @horse_ebooks wasn't real. Take the C train to Van Siclen Ave. and see the latest from Banksy for yourself.

Photo by @streetartjamz via Instagram.