The first X-Men: Days of Future Past trailer has arrived and the gang's all here! Seriously, there are so many mutants in this movie.

The trailer is low on action and high on emotion, with the X-Men of the future (Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart, etc.) instructing Wolverine to go get in touch with the X-Men of the past (Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, and so on). Young Professor X (McAvoy) doesn't seem too happy about this, yelling: "I don't want your suffering, I don't want your future!" 

Though we know that the villainous Sentinels will show up at some point, and that the plot will likely touch on some real-life historical events, we don't get much of that here. Mostly the trailer is swelling music and mutant feelings. Which is fine. Mutants are allowed to have feelings, same as us.