In a year of late night shakeups one thing is staying the same: David Letterman will be behind the Late Show desk for at least another two years. And he's showing no signs that he plans to retire. CBS announced today that Letterman will host The Late Show through 2015, and according to Bill Carter, the New York Times dean of late night reporting, there is "no mention in Letterman's deal that this will be his last. Succession talk quieted." 

That means that while NBC is ousting Jay Leno (again) for the younger meat of Jimmy Fallon, and ABC is banking on sorta-outsider Jimmy Kimmel at the 11:35 hour, the 66-year-old Letterman is holding court over at CBS. At this point, Letterman is the longest-running late night talk show host in history, having started in 1982 with Late Night on NBC, and now beating the 30-year run of Johnny Carson.  CBS—a network with a reputation for skewing older—feels no pressure apparently to oust the legend in the face of the changing scene.