Today in showbiz news: An up-and-coming young actress books a big role, E! indulges some more rich kids, and Vince Vaughn has had the plug pulled.

Actress Brie Larson, from United States of Tara and 21 Jump Street (and Hoot), had something of a breakout summer with the well-reviewed indie Short Term 12. And now she is reaping the rewards. She's in talks to star opposite Mark Wahlberg in a remake of the crime drama The Gambler, to be directed by the guy who did Rise of the Planet of the Apes. So that's a big deal! The guy who wrote The Departed wrote the script! This is a plum role to land. Is Brie Larson on her way to becoming a big-time movie star? She might be. Those kids from Hoot are actually doing pretty well. Brie Larson's got this, Logan Lerman's in a Darren Aronofsky film and a movie with Brad Pitt, and Cody Linley, well, y'know, placed fourth on Dancing with the Stars five years ago! So, everything's comin' up Hoot. [Deadline]

Oh dear god. E! has ordered the reality show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills to series. That's the show that's sorta based on the Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr account. It's just a bunch of brats taking photos of champagne and fancy cars. And private jets, and a lot of feet in exotic places. Like, "Chilling in St. Tropez" and then it's a photo of their feet on a chaise lounge or something. The show officially has no relation to the Tumblr, but come on, the show is about "five well-funded L.A. friends who have already achieved 'social media infamy' by advertising their lifestyles on Instagram and Twitter." The idea had to come from somewhere. The show will premiere in January and only run eight episodes initially. So, be prepared for a bunch of fools flashing garish watches that don't look good on anyone. Should be fun! [The Hollywood Reporter]

"Universal Cancels Vince Vaughn" you read, and you start to think, "What? Has someone finally said 'enough'?" But then you keep reading and you see "Drama 'Term Life.'" Oh. They cancelled one of his movies. That's all. I don't usually associate the word cancelled with movies, but whatever. That's what it says, and it's what they did. So, no drama with Vince Vaughn and Hailee Steinfeld as his daughter, as was the plan. Well, I think it's a drama. The URL on the Deadline post says comedy, but the headline says drama, so it would seem they changed their minds at some point. Whatever the movie is, it doesn't matter. It's over. Not gonna happen. Done. Cancelled. That's it. [Deadline]

Amanda Seyfried will star alongside Russell Crowe in the drama Fathers and Daughters. Russell Crowe will play the father and Amanda Seyfried will play the daughter. In case that wasn't clear. Would that it were the other way around, we'd have a real wild time on our hands, but no. It's the regular way. The way you'd expect. Which is fine. Whatever. It's just that the other way would have been a lot more fun. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Warner Bros. officially owns Ben McKenzie now. He is theirs to do with as they please. They will probably put him in television shows, but they really could do whatever they want. Get creative, Warner Bros. Just look at that shayna punim. [Deadline]