Paul McCartney's new video for his song "Queenie Eye" features a ton of celebrities, some of whom have, shall we say, interesting dance moves. The video features more famous people than we could count, including a good chunk of the cast of the currently filming Into the Woods—Johnny Depp, Chris Pine, Meryl Streep, Tracey Ullman, and James Corden. Other notables are there too, like model Lily Cole, designer Tom Ford, and Jude Law. They all seem to be having a grand old time. We made animated gifs and coined names for some of their best moves.  Looking at you, Meryl. 

The Johnny Depp iPod Groove

The Chris Pine Bro Finger Point

The Alice Eve Sleepy Writhe

The Jeremy Irons Stare

The Meryl Streep Hip Pat

The Meryl Streep Bounce

The Kate Moss Hey I'm a Model

The Sean Penn Ponder

And finally, the Meryl Streep We Have No Idea What

Watch the whole video here.