The NYPD is on the hunt for an art thief who is now in possession of a $1 million Norman Rockwell painting. The sneak lifted the expensive piece of art from a storage company in Queens. The missing painting is a 1939 piece entitled "Sport." "The painting was the cover of an edition of the Saturday Evening Post, and the magazine's logo appears behind the fisherman's head in the painting," NBC New York reports.

On Tuesday, cops announced the piece lifted from the Welpak Art Moving and Storage company last month. That company, The New York Post reports, ships and stores pieces for museums and private collectors ... which now kinda seems like it would prime target for art thieves. "It has a state-of-the-art security system," The Post explains. But, well, not state-of-the-art enough.

For the 99 percent of us, it's hard to imagine why someone would spend $1 million on a painting and not even display it (that painting is around double the price of most the houses in the neighborhood where its being stored) let alone not even keep it in their house. The bright side for the unnamed collector is the fact that that selling stolen paintings is often a dead end