Is Fifty Shades of Grey really all that shameful? Sure, there's been some of talk as to just how mortifying it would be to be seen while engrossed in the popular "mommy porn," but according to a 60 Minutes/Vanity Fair poll it's actually low down on the list of embarrassing public reading.   

Just 6 percent of the 990 adults across the country surveyed said they would be "most embarrassed to be seeing reading" E.L. James' blockbuster erotica. They would be far more humiliated to be caught with A Shore Thing, the novel "by" Jersey Shore star Snooki (Nicole Polizzi, if you want to be technical), which got the most votes — 48 percent. Political memoirs are also more embarrassing than Fifty Shades: 16 percent said they would be embarrassed by "Obama's Memoir" and 8 percent said they would be with "Romney's Memoir." The 60 Minutes website explained that those respondents who said they would be embarrassed by "Obama's memoir" were "presumably Republicans" and vice versa for Romney's. The National Enquirer falls in the middle of the pack with 11 percent saying it is the most embarrassing. 

So, those of you that resisted taking Fifty Shades out of your home because of the fear of judgment, worry no longer, few others are embarrassed. That said, never admit to having read Snooki's book. Everyone thinks that's a bad idea.