We respect and value the social media editors who share the links that make our job easier. But sometimes, we have no idea what they are talking about. So after a long day spent staring at Twitter, we're sharing our favorites.

This is what happens when you make a person take a bath while driving a car.

Now would be a good time for the Internet to spring into action and start posting this footage. But we're willing to wait.

For anyone nostalgic for the days when reporters at major metropolitan newspapers made house calls...

Remember the summer when two movies came out in the span of two months with this exact same premise and they both made money? There was a lesson there: never bet against the sun throwing things at earth.

Choose-your-own-adventure tweets are always a thrill. Unless you accidentally read the ending first and know just how to properly appreciate "At Last" in the greater context of Etta James' career. If that happens, you're sunk.

We defy you not to have your day brightened by the phrase "rose-tinted spectacles." It is jolly and terrific.

We blame The Artist.