The power of being in charge of the Definitely Not Coordinating with Stephen Colbert Super PAC has gone to Jon Stewart's head as he spent The Daily Show lavishly spending money on expensive frittatas. Stewart's shopping list included a jeweled crown supposedly once owned by Elizabeth Taylor and frittata con le erbe from Mario Batali, which Stewart pays for the chef to, er, chew for him. Yeah, it's as gross to watch as it is to read. All the while Stewart found half-baked clues in Colbert's TV appearances for how he should spend the Super PAC's money. (Technically not coordinating!) The point of course is that Stewart, now in change of Colbert's Super PAC, has totally discretion to spend as excessively as he wants. For his part, a half an hour later Colbert continued the farce by running down his Super PAC's first attack ad, which premiered over the weekend.