It's not surprising that setting up an in-person interview with Brad Pitt, one of Hollywood's most recognizable (and most square-jawed) stars, is kind of a nightmare. It's likely only getting worse, since Pitt received an Oscar nod for his role in Moneyball. The Hollywood Reporter's executive editor Steve Galloway had a heck of a time finding a spot to sit down with Pitt for an interview. The resulting cover story begins:

Try to set up an interview with Brad Pitt, and you instantly plunge into his almost Dada-esque world. After all, where do you go? A restaurant rendez-vous would devolve into a scrum of gawkers and gapers; his suggestion that we meet at this publication’s office creates such a stir among jaded journalists, it is rapidly nixed; and Pitt’s house in the Hollywood Hills is apparently out of bounds, reserved for his partner, Angelina Jolie, and their six kids …  Galloway found himself feeling like a participant in the witness protection program, ensconced in a 14th-floor-suite at Hollywood's W Hotel Jan. 20, because Pitt’s Cadillac Escalade can make a quick in-and-out to avoid the paparazzi thirsting to behold him.

Plot twist: The interview went really well. The Reporter found Pitt to be (spoiler alert!) very charming. This is good to know because, he didn't used to be this way.