Revelation from Saturday Night Live: Al Sharpton is the role Kenan Thompson was born to play. Special shout-out to "Jim Vandeheeho of Politeco Period Com." The firebrand commentator as malaprop machine, complete with touching reverie on childhood games of "Catch the Nazi." 

Further revelation from Saturday Night Live: Kristen Wiig's Greta Van Susteren impersonation is pretty good. And Darrell Hammond's Donald Trump wig is terrifying.

Additional revelation from Saturday Night Live: Katy Perry's acting abilities alone may not carry a Pippa Middleton sketch, but Fred Armisen as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may have set the Special Relationship back years. "I call my ass the IRA, because when I walk into a pub, people's heads explode." Yikes.

Final revelation from Saturday Night Live: Robyn is cooler than everyone else.