In today's fractured music industry, Billboard's venerable Hot 100 singles chart seems a bit dated. And last week, when the magazine celebrated its 1,000th Hot #1 single (Lady Gaga's "Born this Way") there seemed to be little point in perusing through the comprehensive list of all the chart-topping songs since the 50's. Thanks to the internet, now we have a reason to scroll through all 1000 #1's. Why?

Well, we can listen to almost every one of them as a five second clip, arranged chronologically. Via a Sound Cloud user with a penchant for radio hits, sample how the music landscape has evolved over the decades. [h/t: The A.V. Club]

Five Seconds Of Every #1 Pop Single Part 1 by mjs538
Five Seconds Of Every #1 Pop Single Part 2 by mjs538