Critic who rebel against ordering a "tall" rather than a "small" coffee at Starbucks, take note: there's a new source for your cafe angst--the 30-ounce Trenta.

Conan O'Brien put the mammoth-sized beverage into perspective

I can't wait to try the new gigantic Starbucks size, "Trenta". Or as it's called in The Midwest, "A Medium".less than a minute ago via web

Writer Amy Silverberg was a little intimidated

you can use the new Starbucks cup as a bathtub. it's that big.less than a minute ago via web

Wedding DJ John Gallaghar expressed concern for future brides

Nice to see #Starbucks wants to contribute to the nation's obesity problem with the #Trenta!less than a minute ago via web

Politico's Ben Smith noted the capacity issue

RT @aseitzwald: That new Starbucks XL size is bigger than an average human stomach... than a minute ago via Tweetie for Mac

Denver PR firm Conver_Start sees the Trenta as a Sam's Club move

#Starbucks "Trenta"--31 ounces. I remember when it used to be called a Hot Tub.less than a minute ago via web

Grad Student Josh Martin got to the heart of the matter

So Starbucks is offering larger coffee size, did anyone stop to ask if that was a good idea? #OverCaffeinatedless than a minute ago via web