As de facto head of the University of Oregon athletic department, Nike co-founder Phil Knight has a simple way of getting what he wants: he cuts a check. The school goes along with it, because it's tough to say no to new football uniforms every week, a 37,000 square feet, a $41.7 million academic support center, and a new $227 million basketball arena, which hosted its first game last night. Knight, as Sports Illustrated's Michael Rosenberg puts it, is the school's "money hose, and Oregon has to let him control the spigot." On Twitter Thursday night, some watching Oregon's 68-62 victory over USC wondered if the arena's fir-tree-themed playing surface was the most efficient use of Knight's money hose.

Wow..Just turned on Oregon hoops game to see the new arena. Court looks totally bizarre.less than a minute ago via web

Oregon basketball court appears to have been conceived by drug-addled Bob Ross acolyte while listening to Hemispheres.less than a minute ago via Echofon

It looks like someone knocked over a REALLY big can of paint thinner on Oregon's basketball court.less than a minute ago via web

Did they test this court on television with the lights on at Oregon? Should I adjust the set to compensate for the brightness?less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Wonder how long it takes until Oregon colloquially names their court "The Roar Shack."less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

Where's the halfcourt line on Oregon's floor?less than a minute ago via web

@bdmarcus -- Oregon is christening a new building ... what did you expect?less than a minute ago via web