It all began innocently enough.

On Wednesday afternoon, MSNBC host and recent Twitter-quitter Keith Olbermann tweeted that he enjoyed a piece at the liberal website Daily Kos about New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's handling of the East Coast blizzard. This prompted a response from Twitter user Tony Prock: "@KeithOlbermann It is highly ironic that you support Daily Kos, yet think Fox News is slanted. Keep it real, Keith."

Olbermann took it from there:

@TonyProck Fox News is 100% bullshitless than a minute ago via web


@mtovet you're right: I don't have as much hate or as many lies in me as O'Reillyless than a minute ago via Twittelator


@tonyperry1 I did it because his network is full of bullshit & O'Reilly is full of bullshit. & if you believe them you're full of bullshit.less than a minute ago via Twittelator


@soleynm I say you don't realize O'Reilly is not news. It's 100% bullshitless than a minute ago via Twittelator


@joeyt83709 those aren't fans O'Reilly has. They're dronesless than a minute ago via Twittelator


@soleynm You've missed my point. There are no news or facts on O'Reilly. Just fear and delusions.less than a minute ago via Twittelator


@DailyRushbo let's clarify this. Fox News is 100% Bullshit. Rush Limbaugh is 100% Pigeonshit.less than a minute ago via Twittelator

As Olbermann's tweets suggest, other parties have joined the spat. At Business Insider, Glynnis MacNicol has this to say:

Here's what fascinates me about Olbermann's use of Twitter: This is a man with an enormously powerful media platform who is completely unable to rise above the nitpicking of a handful of Tweeters who themselves have a handful of followers. Instead of responding like a professional grown-up (Exhibit A: Rachel Maddows's sharp takedown of Fox) he continually sinks to their level of discourse: Namely, name calling.

As for Prock, he's largely moved on to other matters, though he did react to Olbermann's initial salvo: "@KeithOlbermann 100% BS? So, EVERYTHING they report is made up. OK. Got it. The Kos is 100% legit. So Markos Moulitsas is neutral? Ha!"