The Internet won't have Joe Morgan to kick around anymore.

ESPN confirmed Monday the Hall of Fame second baseman would not return to provide a 22nd season of color commentary on the network's Sunday night baseball telecast. Morgan's fondness for explaining--ideally in the most condescending, pedantic way possible--why computers don't play baseball and doubles are better than home runs made him one of the preeminent blog villains in history. Needless to say, people weren't sad to see him go:

  • "Sports have to be one of the last great common meeting places, because why else would the news that ESPN was kicking [play-by-play announcer] Jon Miller and Joe Morgan to the curb make for such a common discussion point last night?" - Craig Calcaterra, HardballTalk
  • "The imperative that Ken Tremendous and Co. jokingly turned into Internet legend has now actually been realized. Starting in 2011, ESPN's "Sunday Night Baseball" will be Joe Morgan free.Celebrate, lovers of broadcasts free of ego-driven insanity, celebrate!" - Kevin Kaduk, Yahoo! Sports
  • "It’s like the saying goes: all near-universally loathed things must come to an end." - Glenn Davis, Sports Grid
  • "Morgan's is a symbolic removal, and while symbolic removals have their place and are worthy of celebration, in the end they don't get much accomplished. The war against anti-intellectualism and misinformation rages on, and it will continue to rage on until one day, perhaps, it wins, and we can all get mad at something else." - Jeff Sullivan, SB Nation
  • "I don’t have much to say about the passing of Miller & Morgan, as in 20 years I probably didn’t watch enough of their games - check that - as in 20 years I probably didn’t watch enough of their games with the sound on to account for a single game’s worth of work." - Brooks, Sports By Brooks