The Boston Celtics' decision to sign Shaquille O'Neal Wednesday was met with skepticism from NBA observers who wonder how much the future Hall of Famer has left in the tank. But according to one prominent Massachusetts sports guy, the move was a no-brainer:

@THE_REAL_SHAQ Welcome to Massachusetts, big guy.less than a minute ago via web

This isn't the first time this year Kerry's Twitter account has turned to sports. In July, he mobilized his followers in an unsuccessful attempt to get Red Sox first baseman Kevin Youkilis a spot on the American League All-Star team.

Vote Youk on to All Star Team – don’t let it go to that Yankee than a minute ago via web

After the LeBron James and Chris Bosh signings last month, Kerry likened the Miami Heat to the fictional ABA team from the Will Ferrell movie Semi-Pro.

how can miami build team around these 3 contracts? Rest of team recruited from flint tropics?less than a minute ago via web

While curiously silent on the playoff implosion of the Boston Bruins, the senator made it known the Celtics weren't going to follow suit.

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He sounded the alarm when Paul Pierce had his Twitter account hacked.

Paul Pierce twitter account hacked, don’t get any ideas Wade!less than a minute ago via web

During the NBA playoffs Kerry made this confusing joke about the Celtics and "Cocoon".

Celts beat Magic on the road in game 1; new sequel to Cocoon? Amazingless than a minute ago via web

In April he (correctly) predicted struggling Red Sox ace Jon Lester was due for a turnaround.

not to jinx, but looked like Jon Lester was back in fighting form last night.less than a minute ago via web