Think Progress's Matt Yglesias notes the tenor of inside-the-Beltway journalism.
Classic DC line: "Getting the story out was more important than the story being 100% true."
Andrew Breitbart brings the strong language down on Salon's Joan Walsh.
Thanks to @joanwalsh & her execrable Salon operation for drawing attention that the $100K CBC N-Word Video Challenge is STILL UNCLAIMED.
The Nation's Greg Mitchell decodes a long-silent astronaut's Obama bashing.
Neil Armstrong's true message: You thought I died long ago but I am still here!
Pourmecoffee unveils a new media standard and applies it to Sarah Palin.
Media should enforce minimum Achievement-to-Attention ratio for coverage of public figures. Looking at you, Sarah Palin.
Politico's Patrick Gavin muses on one of life's profound questions.
Steven Wright-esque thought: Do porn companies even bother with spam filters on their email systems?