When rogue journalist James O'Keefe engineered a sting that sullied the image of ACORN last year, Fox News commentator Glenn Beck championed him and presented his work on television.

But yesterday, following O'Keefe's arrest by the FBI, Beck joined the chorus of conservative pundits denouncing O'Keefe. Sounding off on his radio show, he said:

If they were doing that, it's Watergate. That's insanely stupid, and illegal -- if it's true. You don't do anything illegal. That's Watergate territory. You just don't do that. Besides that, I don't think you even go dressed up. It's a senator, for the love of Pete, it's a senator.
Rewind to 2009, and here's Beck's proud assault on ACORN assisted by O'Keefe's now-famous undercover video: