The latest cable news scrap isn't Fox News vs. MSNBC (or Fox News vs. the White House)—it's Keith Olbermann vs. CNN. The left-leaning network's pin-striped prince of prime-time took a surprisingly aggressive swing at CNN, claiming it "long ago stopped trying to do journalism." The attack begins 35 seconds into the clip, prompted by this statement from CNN anchor Campbell Brown regarding honest media reporting:
Some of us, like my colleagues here at CNN, are still trying to do journalism.  I'm not critical of what my friends at FOX News and MSNBC do, but it is apples and oranges when compared to what we at CNN do.  And we should all just acknowledge that.
Ever-pugnacious Olbermann jabs back:
Two words, Lou Dobbs.  If you have Lou Dobbs, the out-of-control vintage 19th century horse-drawn fire engine of hate on your network, you long ago stopped trying to do journalism.  And we should all just acknowledge that.