If this year taught us anything, it's that our collective faith in humanity was a currency subject to wild fluctuations. Seemingly every day, something would happen that would destroy our faith, only to see something else completely restore that humanity once again (only for the whole awful cycle to begin anew). Of course, the internet served as the great watchdog of our faith in humanity, constantly providing status updates and mapping what would be a whiplash-inducing twelve months for our sense of optimism about the inner goodness of our fellow man.

In graphing a year in the life of our faith in humanity, some trends emerged. Athletes, on balance, managed to buck up our spirits. Social media beat us down. Consumer products were less reliable, sometimes lifting us up to the ceiling (on wings of sponsored content, occasionally), other times sending our faith crashing to the floor. 

What Restored Our Faith in Humanity in 2013?

What Destroyed Our Faith in Humanity in 2013?