Netflix's brand has suffered since its price hike last summer, and just this week, Netflix share prices dropped after Amazon got streaming rights for Epix, which was previously Netflix exclusive. Turns out, DVD mail-in subscribers are slowly feeling better about the brand while streaming subscribers have been stagnant, according to the chart above by brand perception company BrandIndex.

The y-axis of the chart represents Netflix's "buzz score," a number between -100 and 100 based on a survey of 25,000 people a week on whether they perceive the brand to be positive or negative based on ads, news, and word-of-mouth. BrandIndex then subtracts negative feedback from positive feedback to calculate the score.

As you can see, the perception of Netflix dived last year in light of price hikes. The grey line representing the perception of mail-in customers has always been higher than streaming customers. But the grey line representing the perception of mail-in customers has been climbing up in the past year, and the red line of streaming customers has been relatively flat.

Our own Rebecca Greenfield has written about how Netflix's streaming service has been losing movies as its deals with studios expires. And even though people are watching plenty of TV on Netflix, movie streaming still matters, and a shrinking collection probably isn't helping Netflix's streaming reputation.