It's been a rocky road for News Corp. since the news broke this summer that News of the World had hacked the voicemail of a murdered girl, but today the company finally settled with Milly Dowler's family. News Corp. released a statement today saying that it would pay $3.2 million to Dowler's family, the Associated Press relayed. And Rupert Murdoch, who was seen as visibly shaken when he personally apologized to the family this summer, will donate $1.6 million to a charity of the family's choice. "The behavior that the News of the World exhibited towards the Dowlers was abhorrent and I hope this donation underscores my regret for the company's role in this awful event," said Murdoch in a statement via the AP. The phone hacking incident, which happened in 2002 and was originally reported by The Guardian this July, kick-started the latest round of phone hacking allegations, shuttered the News of the World tabloid, and lead to series of resignations of News Corp. executives.