Groupon's finally taking its IPO on the road, but the worth it's placing on its business is far lower than the $30 billion it sought last year. DealBook's Evelyn M. Rusli and Michael J. De La Merced hear from sources that the online deal giant is now considering something closer to $12 billion. "These people said the current expectation is for a valuation to be more than $10 billion and if markets improve, could be significantly higher," they write. Less than half of the original offering, the valuation reflects Groupon's shaky status since the company first announced a ginormous IPO back in June. The company's value had been in question after some shady accounting practices and a general skepticism for the daily deals site's business model and had been has been putting off going public in the shaky market. The company's expected on the Nasdaq after next week's road show.